Eyes of the Ocean

via Daily Prompt: Eyes

Where did the sun go?
And the love? The laughter?
The clear, azure eyes that she said sparkled
like the Mediterranean
in which you could go for a swim?

Blurry eyes.
“Cataracts” says the doctor.
I call them fish eyes.
No wonder I swam straight into the net.

Forever gone was the big, blue ocean
where you could dream.
I was left on the streets
with nothing
but enough oxygen.
I am not a fish.

Eyes are the windows to your soul.
Then is my soul coconut jelly?
Wasn’t it the Mediterranean not too long ago?
Which sparkled?
And waves gently lapped at you
as you swam?



Making Images

What a tiring day it was today-I spent it at home in front of my laptop. I probably would have been so much more productive if I were at school. Oh well, no use beating up myself about it. Afterall, it is summertime; I should be spent relaxing before school starts again!

However, I did read a bit of “The Complete Creative Writing Course” by Chris Sykes. Such an awesome book. I found this super cool to inspire a little creativity when you’re having one of those ugh days.

It’s simple. You start by making a chart:

1) Adjective 2) Noun 3) Adverb 4) Verb 5) Adjective 6) Noun

Then cover up the entire table except for column. In here write down 5 adjectives quickly and with as little thought as possible.

You should get something like this:

1) Adjective 2) Noun 3) Adverb 4) Verb 5) Adjective 6) Noun

Then cover up the whole table except for column 4 and fill in that column like you did column 1. Repeat this step with columns 2, 5, 6, 3. Continue reading