My Trip to China: Dao Xiang Cun Treats

Ahhh! I am so sorry for not posting so long with school starting and everything but I made myself share this with you guys. I’m going to try to manage my time better and at least post once a week…

But anyway, this is still part of my trip to China, Beijing to be exact. My family and I were visiting the Bird’s Nest where Beijing held the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. And yes, it was sweltering hot (pictures of the nest will be in another post).

On our way out, my dad pulled us into this little shop, and I was so confused because he isn’t someone who really ever craves sweet things. But judging from the excitement in his eyes, I knew this Dao Xiang Cun bakery really had to be something special ( and it is, I later learned that it’s super popular in Beijing and the rest of China).
This was the pineapple pastry that I didn’t quite like. It’s called feng li su.  My family was crazy about it but I didn’t really like the filling. It just didn’t taste “real”. IMG_2068.JPG

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My Trip to China: Huangshan Part 3

With the wet and humid climate on the mountain, it really sucks when the hotel doesn’t have air conditioning. I got up at 4:30 in the morning after a hot and stuffy sleep.

It was pure darkness outside so my family and I went out with flashlights. It was cool and breezy outside. My hoodie felt just barely enough. Many people set out in parkas (in the summer?!)

The stone steps were still wet from the rain the day before but we still had to hurry for the sunrise.

We got there early, which was smart because the clearing was already crowded with people.


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My Trip to China: Huangshan Part 1

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(NOTE: Please do not take any photos- they are all mine. Thanks!)

My family and I had to take a really long ride (like 9 hours?) from Shanghai to Huangshan. Unfortunately, it was the rainy season, so we got caught in the rain with only two rain jackets. Luckily we avoided some of the rain under this mushroom stone structure. We couldn’t go anywhere with a storm more than a 1000km above the ground.

The peaks were dizzying but the day was so beautiful.


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18 Places to Go

Daily Prompt: Tourist

Ahh… Tourists, the stereotypical floral shirt wearers with the huge, lumbering backpacks and chunky camera. Fanny packs, sandals, and sunglasses. You’d spot them anywhere along with the big, crinkly map.

But nevertheless, I can’t help feel a little jealous of those clowns as they wolf down a slice of authentic Italian pizza or pose a selfie with the Eiffel Tower. I love to travel, but unfortunately, I rarely do with school and such. You would probably easily spot me too. Minus the fanny pack.

Well we can all dream, right? Someday I hope to visit these 18 beautiful places:

18. Tanzania

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  • experience annual migrations
  • the pure beauty of the wilderness
  • the variety of wildlife (gazelles, leopards, zebras, etc.)

17. Sri Lanka

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