My Trip to China: Dao Xiang Cun Treats

Ahhh! I am so sorry for not posting so long with school starting and everything but I made myself share this with you guys. I’m going to try to manage my time better and at least post once a week…

But anyway, this is still part of my trip to China, Beijing to be exact. My family and I were visiting the Bird’s Nest where Beijing held the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. And yes, it was sweltering hot (pictures of the nest will be in another post).

On our way out, my dad pulled us into this little shop, and I was so confused because he isn’t someone who really ever craves sweet things. But judging from the excitement in his eyes, I knew this Dao Xiang Cun bakery really had to be something special ( and it is, I later learned that it’s super popular in Beijing and the rest of China).
This was the pineapple pastry that I didn’t quite like. It’s called feng li su.  My family was crazy about it but I didn’t really like the filling. It just didn’t taste “real”. IMG_2068.JPG

This is a jujube pastry with some nuts inside. I felt like this tasted very dense- the jujube was quite strong- and not super yummy. At least I didn’t think so. My whole family liked it though; I guess I just I don’t like jujube filling in sweets :P.


This is a green bean pastry. It was alright, I guess but nothing super special- again I thought there was a little too much oil. Am I too picky?IMG_2067.JPG

Haha, it you’re still reading, it may seem to you that I didn’t like the place very much. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bakery. They were all quite good, actually, but I admit I’m being picky right now…

Like this lotus seed pastry. I normally love lotus seed anything- it’s so delicious but this pastry wasn’t the best (it was still good though) . I was imagining the sweet, soft creamy filling with just a hint the special lotus seed flavour, but this was a little sweet.

This was a cool flavour, rose petals or something. How cool is that?! Pink rose filling- interesting taste but I prefered the lotus seed paste.

This was quite yummy, with its flaky crust and fancy petals. I liked breaking apart the petals one by one. My parents really liked this but it was a jujube paste…


Okay, here’s the black sesame filling pastry. Now this was delicious! It was a rich, nutty paste but sweetened. I loved how the rich nutty flavour balanced out the sugary taste. 😀
Black sesame is amazing in general. I have my apples with black sesame butter and I also love my black sesame sticky rice balls. As a bonus, it’s good for you.


Okay, this next pastry is my absolute favourite. They’re called sweet baked wheaten cakes (糖火烧, pronounced “tang huo shao”) and are made of brown sugar and tahini (<333 sesame butter).Why do they not have pastries like these in Canada? At least import these treasures from China!
Believe me, nothing tasted so good as these.They have a chewy, crumbly texture and are nice and rich and sweet. Definitely a must- have if you ever get a chance. I know they look bad in this picture; I apologize for the bad photo. I just couldn’t wait to eat them :D!


Sooo good! Definitely check out Dao Xiang Cun (稻香村) if you ever visit China- and get the tang huo shao (糖火烧). You’re missing out.


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