My Trip to China: Huangshan Part 4

Okay, so since we were leaving the mountains, the climb had to be easier because we were going down. Nope. It was the most torturous thing ever.

My family and I tried leaving early so we wouldn’t get caught in the rain. Once it starts raining, you can’t go anywhere because of what lightning can do at such high altitudes.


But there was a little bit of nice weather, which meant a beautiful, azure sky…


Some lovely scenery-


The mountains are so unique.


We kind of lingered under this pavilion in case it rained- which it didn’t- so we kept walking. 😦


I was dying of thirst and the water was so freaking expensive. There’s nothing you can do about that when you need water. We were walking for hours and hours…


It’s like this endless maze. Oh and did I say we had to get down by 6:30pm to catch the bus going down?


If we took the cable cars down, it would have meant 5 more minutes of walking. Haha, but no, it was another, oh, 8 hours for us.


Lots of fun to walk 😀 Just when you thought going down the mountain meant going down the stairs… I DID NOT WANT TO SEE ANOTHER STAIR IN MY LIFE! I was hot, thirsty, sweaty, annoyed (especially by the deafening cicadas which sounded different in China than Canada), and oh so sore.

You could feel the temperature slowly increasing as you slowly went down the mountain.


Finally, these fancy buildings marked the end of our tiring journey. We left the hotel on the mountain at about 8:30  in the morning and got here at 6:20 in the evening. Wow, that was a 10h hike!


Huangshan was no doubt a heavenly place to visit; I recommend it. But definitely prepare to do some hiking and take the cable cars to save tons of energy (and water bottles). However, I think fall would have been a better time to go.

My family and I all collapsed in the bus (which hadn’t even turned on the AC yet :() with relief. All I wanted was a shower and water to drink.

Ahhh, the long walk was done. At least that’s what I thought. When we took the bus off the mountain , and walked another 10 minutes to the hotel :O My feet…










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