My Trip to China: Huangshan Part 3

With the wet and humid climate on the mountain, it really sucks when the hotel doesn’t have air conditioning. I got up at 4:30 in the morning after a hot and stuffy sleep.

It was pure darkness outside so my family and I went out with flashlights. It was cool and breezy outside. My hoodie felt just barely enough. Many people set out in parkas (in the summer?!)

The stone steps were still wet from the rain the day before but we still had to hurry for the sunrise.

We got there early, which was smart because the clearing was already crowded with people.


After such a long wait… Finally! It’s rising!






So beautiful- my first sunrise šŸ˜€


I left reluctantly, but couldn’t really leave because of the long line of people waiting to go down. Yup, one thing China isn’t lacking is people.

Haha, there must have been a whole angry mob behind me when I hurriedly took this photo:


I’ve always admired the way leaves filter sunlight. So Ā magical…


Then my family and I went back to the hotel to wash up and have breakfast. I had milk, sweet red bean buns, corn cake, pickled vegetables, watermelon, and a boiled egg. We had a long climb in front of us: the walk down the mountain was going to be several hours (cable cars are for wimps).


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