My Trip to China: Huangshan Part 2

(NOTE: The following photos were all taken by me; please do not take, thanks :D)

The pouring rain kept us under the mushroom stone thingy for quite a long time. When the rain stopped, however, the sky was so beautiful. The sun was close to setting and it cast this lovely red glow on all the rocks.





Then we had to climb up to see the famous “Monkey Gazing at Sea” landmark. It was slippery and tiring, earning me a rough scratch on my arm. 😛


On the way up!


The stairs were really steep. Hopefully they were worth what we were about to see…


The sight was amazing. It was almost like being in the heavens where gods and fairies lived. Do you see the monkey? 🙂



We wanted to reach our hotel on the mountain just in time to see the sunset. So we continued the arduous walk/ dangerous jog to our hotel. It was a race with the sun.


This seemed to be a popular place for couples!


Unfortunately, we missed the setting sun 😦 but we did get to see the gorgeous sky with its colours. I have no words to describe it.


I was determined not to miss the sunrise the next day. The sun was going to rise at 5:25 am, so we had to leave the hotel at 4:45 am to the observation clearing. But that will be in the next post 🙂


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