Daily Prompt: Learning

via Daily Prompt: Learning

Learning is essential in developing and maintaining a healthy brain, which is important at any age. It helps with your creativity, imagination, memory, and adds interest to your life. It engages with the world. It brings us self-achievement and happiness, especially after a little perseverance. 😉

Below are just a few ideas of great skills you can learn when you’re feeling unproductive. Discover a hobby (other than staring at a screen, watching stupid videos)!

1) A new language *still learning French*
2) Coding *A super important skill to have nowadays! Codecademy is great for this*
3) An instrument *Improves your self-esteem. Learn to play piano or guitar or anything that appeals to you*
4) Photography *To capture the beauty around you*
5) Writing *It’s SOOO important, c’mon, your resume determines everything*
6) A sport *To stay healthy and find a hobby- I like swimming and jogging and I have been getting to yoga…*
7) Cooking *Who doesn’t like food? Ditch your McDonalds and learn to make real food*
8) Organizing *From folding clothes to room design- it helps keep your home (and life) in order*

So stop waiting for time to pass- use it to learn ( it can be fun) !

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Learning

  1. j says:

    Thank you for the nice blog writing.
    Yes, writing is important. some famous poems are so impressive that they have lasted more than 3 thousand years.


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