The Moon

Daily prompt: Moon

It’s easy to see why so many great things were inspired by the moon. Armstrong’s historic step. Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Romeo and Juliet. The 90’s Sailor Moon TV series. The Man in the Moon. The moon’s influence is everywhere.

It is beautiful, a glowing, mysterious orb of light that throws a light blanket over the dark world beneath. It is a symbol of so many things- of romance, time, mystery, and cycles.

Gods and goddesses of the moon are also very popular. The Greeks prayed to Artemis for successful hunting, protection, and childbirth. The Chinese celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival when mooncakes and fruit are offered to Chang-e. The Egyptians worshipped Khonsu who watched over night travellers and had powers of healing.

The natural environment of our Earth is also effected by the moon. How are tides formed again? By the gravitational pull of the moon. The moon’s gravity also slows Earth’s rotation, resulting in longer days = more sunshine 😀

Without the moon, nights will not be the romantic, dreamy moments we sometimes know them to be. There’s something magical about that soft, pure light.


One thought on “The Moon

  1. j says:

    I love it. You make me remember the famous Chinese poem:

    Quiet Night Thought
    at the foot of the bed bright moonlight
    I imagine frost on the floor
    raising my head, I gaze at the bright moon
    lowering my head, I think of my old village


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