Daily prompt: Nightmare

When I was little, I used to be terrified of falling asleep. I had the worse case of nightmares ranging from horrifying operations to kidnappings and murders. I dreaded nighttime and went to bed at the latest possible time.

The worst ones were about people close to me dying. Death scared me. It still does.

Sometimes it was the same dream every night. It was of surgeries; I hated them. It became so bad that it mocked me even in broad daylight. I couldn’t go anywhere near the meat section in supermarkets- the posters showing the different pork cuts were human body parts. Tables reminded me of operation beds. Flickering lights assembled surgical lighting.

At night, I sometimes woke up screaming and crying. My mom had to wake up in the middle of the night many times to comfort me.

I talked to my parents about it. Death was a mysterious and dreadful topic. I remember them saying how everything was alright, that death was just a part of nature, and it was only in my head.

Slowly, the nightmares got better. Maybe it was just a phase. Maybe I just became less creative. I like to think them as the fears I didn’t know I had. And I’m happy to say I was strong enough to face them.

2 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. j says:

    nice writing. life is a journey. we don’t know where we are from, we don’t know where we are going… I have no worries to whatever that I don’t know. yes, it’s a phase of your life…


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