The Journey to Discover Yourself

Daily prompt: Journey

Have the right mindset. You can’t have a brain that tells you you can’t do it. Don’t evade the “evil” thoughts; always be aware of the enemy.
Think freely.
Follow your heart. DON’T let anyone else have influence over what you believe in.
Confidence is key.
Be in a healthy physical state too. Exercise often, eat healthily, sleep earlier, and ditch those bad habits.
Organize your life, whether it be your house, your room, your relationships, your homework, or your sock drawer.
Make room for “me-time”.
Clear all distractions.
Meditate. Enjoy solitude. It’s good for self-reflection, your temper, and creativity.
Try everything. Pick up a passion.
See the big picture.
Give up the desire to be admired by all; it’s not going to happen.
Don’t burden yourself.
Don’t be what others want you to be- be what you want to be.
Live life because it’s yours. It’s nobody else’s business.
Be curious-ask lots of questions.
Discover more.
Help others.
This journey is not meant to have a destination.



4 thoughts on “The Journey to Discover Yourself

  1. j says:

    I will “Give up the desire to be admired by all; it’s not going to happen”. Thank you for the suggestions, excellent!
    “It is amazing how much better everyone else becomes when we work to better ourselves”

    5 ways to speak more strategically:
    (1) Focus on the customer
    (2) Link to broader goals
    (3) Quantify with numbers
    (4) Project a future focus
    (5) Show where and how to win

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