Far-away Friends

During the busy school year, I get so caught up with work and projects and school life that I forget about tons of other stuff that matter to me. One of the most important being friends who live further away that I hardly get to see.

Now, as I’m sitting here, contemplating life (because that’s what normal people do), I feel guilty for ignoring them for so long.

It’s weird that we were tearing up with snot and everything when we said goodbye. Now we’re just living our own lives. It’s also kind of sad the way we can move on so quickly. One moment you swear you’ll die without them and the next moment you’re far away and still living. Human beings are peculiar creatures, or maybe it’s just me.

Nevertheless, old friends are really precious. You have known each other the longest and the memories are the sweetest.

So why don’t I hurry up and call them: “hey~ long time no see?” I’m afraid of awkward silences. I’m also afraid of change, meeting a stranger that is nothing like the friend I remember. Or maybe I’m afraid of being judged (“why do you suddenly pop up when you haven’t spoken to me in 5 years? Do you want something? Where were you when I needed you?”). Or maybe I’m just lazy and coming up with excuses.

Or maybe I just don’t have their number.

But I’m reaching for my phone now. My alleged “far-away” friends are only a few numbers away.

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