The Attraction of Forbidden Things

Daily Prompt:Forbidden

Have you ever realized that it’s the forbidden things that attract us the most?

The present under the tree that is off-limits until Christmas. Or that room that you were never allowed to go into (think Bluebeard). And what about forbidden love? Wasn’t that why Romeo and Juliet was so popular?

Then why do we stupid humans still do things that we know we shouldn’t be?

I think it’s part of our natural instincts. Maybe it’s woven into out DNA to help us to learn and mature. Forbidden things bring a burning sense of curiosity. They become irresistible.

This world is a tempting wonderment. People always strive to discover themselves. Children want to learn more. Teens want to rebel. Adults want to show they are in charge. We all want to know: what makes it forbidden? It’s part of our human nature. We can’t help it.

So what does that mean? Do we need better discipline?

I would say that we should embrace the uncertainty. Be curious but know your boundaries. This world is for you to discover. Only you can make you own decisions.

And that slice of chocolate cake in the refrigerator? I decide it is allowed after all.

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