Summer Plans 2016

Droning lawn mowers, splashing of swimming pools, and mouth-watering aromas of barbecue can only mean one thing- summer is here! I love my summers because they are a huge relief to the long, busy school year. That being said, I want to enjoy them to the fullest.

Here’s what I want to do this summer:

  1. Write everyday.
  2. Blog as often as possible.
  3. Swim!
  4. Volunteer in my community (still waiting for them to call back).
  5. Finish writing at least 4 short stories, 2 poems, and 1 non-fiction prose.
  6. Help with the garden.
  7. GO TO CHINA!!! ( I am soooo exciteto sit on a plane; it has been too long. I know, I sound pathetic).
  8. Read a lot (get through my book list).
  9. Sleep earlier. (is 10:30 possible?)
  10. Eat healthy.
  11. Pig out on icecream. (only once… or twice.)
  12. Barbecue.
  13. Stargaze.
  14. Contact old friends.
  15. Watch the sun set.
  16. Get moving!
  17. Go shopping.
  18. Take a lot of pictures.
  19. Listen to music.
  20. Lounge around and do nothing.

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