18 Places to Go

Daily Prompt: Tourist

Ahh… Tourists, the stereotypical floral shirt wearers with the huge, lumbering backpacks and chunky camera. Fanny packs, sandals, and sunglasses. You’d spot them anywhere along with the big, crinkly map.

But nevertheless, I can’t help feel a little jealous of those clowns as they wolf down a slice of authentic Italian pizza or pose a selfie with the Eiffel Tower. I love to travel, but unfortunately, I rarely do with school and such. You would probably easily spot me too. Minus the fanny pack.

Well we can all dream, right? Someday I hope to visit these 18 beautiful places:

18. Tanzania

Image Source: Export.gov

  • experience annual migrations
  • the pure beauty of the wilderness
  • the variety of wildlife (gazelles, leopards, zebras, etc.)

17. Sri Lanka

sri lanka.jpgImage Source: Visit Sri Lanka Tours

  • get lost in caves
  • green tea plantations
  • the exotic wilderness (wild elephants and misty mountains)

16. Greece

greek food.jpg
Image source: Discover Greece

  • the food (fresh seafood, roasted lamb, goat cheeses, fresh fruits, etc.) Yum!
  • beautiful views (beaches with sparkling waters, olive groves, and rugged mountains)
  • archaeological sites

15. Taj Mahal, India

taj mahal.jpg
Image Source: Friendly Planet

  • one of the most beautiful buildings in the world
  • a heart-wrenching backstory (The Mughal emperor Shah Jehan built if for his queen, Mumtaz Mahal. She died in childbirth while travelling with her husband in war).

14. Denmark

Image Source: Vox

  • pristine beaches
  • Danish food (fresh seafood, pastries, and real smørrebrød)
  • towering castles

13. British Columbia, Canada

Image Source: 1zoom

  • comfortable temperature all year round
  • spectacular scenery (majestic mountains, and clear lakes)
  • fishing!

12. Seoul, South Korea

Image Source: Text100

  • go shopping!!!
  • modern yet traditional
  • i must try authentic korean bbq<3

11. Peru

Image Source: Lets Travel Somewhere

  • experience ancient ruins and culture
  • delicate handcrafts
  • walk among the heavenly peaks

10. Istanbul, Turkey

Image Source: The Sun

  • Impressive architecture (mosques, waterways, domes, etc.)
  • comfortable Mediterranean climate
  • tasty Mediterranean cuisine…because food is everything

9. New Zealand

new zealand.jpg
Image Source: First Light Travel

  • diverse, unspoilt environments
  • go bungee jumping, sky diving, and white water rafting
  • visit a glow worm cave

8. Kyoto, Japan

Image Source: NeBleep

  • parade around in a kimono
  • walk under cherry blossoms at night (sigh…)
  • visit the traditional pagodas

7. Rome, Italy

Image source: World for Travel

  • the art
  • the amazing architecture
  • shopping
  • authentic Italian food (gelato, anyone?)

6. London, England

Image Source: Kingston University London

  • the famous sites (e.g. Buckingham Palace, the Tower of England etc.)
  • the loooong and dramatic history
  • shopping (again!)

5. Chengdu, China

Image Source: Layover Guide

  • home of the pandas
  • spicy Sichuan cuisine
  • fancy temples and pavilions (got to whip out my camera!)

4. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Image source: Salon

  • snorkeling and diving to see all the colourful critters
  • natural wonder
  • swim with dolphins:D

3. Switzerland

Image Source: Expat Explore

  • because I’ll be walking in a dream
  • fairy-tale castles
  • healthy, natural, scrumptious food (including chocolates;D)

2. Disneyland, Florida

Image source: Curious.kcrw

  • because I must
  • I’ll feel like a princess
  • no such thing as boredom

1. Belgium

Image source: Teach Away

  • the chocolates are to die for (and the frites…and the waffles) ❤
  • it would be magical at Christmas with the architecture and markets
  • picturesque towns
  • super cute comic murals

Sigh, if only this dream came true…

4 thoughts on “18 Places to Go

  1. Tvor says:

    I’ve been to three or four on this list, though nothing too exotic like Tanzania or India or China. London is my favourite city and Copenhagen is very cool, too! I liked Rome and there is quite a lot to see and do there. Been to Belgium briefly with a day in Bruges on the canals, just lovely and have scratched the surface of BC, having been to Vancouver, and Victoria and parts of Vancouver Island. Plan to go back for more.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thinkdreamandbelieve says:

      Wow- that sounds amazing! You’re so lucky that you have been to so many places (especially the ones I wish to go)! I would love to leave the country more often and discover this big, wide world.
      Do you do anything special when you visit a new place? I know someone who has an instagram with pictures of people’s foreheads of everywhere she’s visited. Another friend of mine collects souvenirs, whether it be a plastic spoon from a restaurant or a typical postcard. I’m thinking of having a travel diary or maybe a vlog.


      • Tvor says:

        One souvenir I like to get if i can is a tea towel, practical, easy to carry and when I use it, I can remember my trip! If it’s a city new to us, we often will take a hop on hop off bus tour to get the lay of the land and see the highlights. I always used to keep a travel diary, now I usually take my laptop and write up the diary in the evenings, maybe keep a notebook in my bag for things i don’t want to forget to add. I may also post something to my blog here, a summary of the day but i also have my own website that has a more detailed travelogue and of course I take loads of photos!

        Liked by 1 person

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