Hair Moments

Did you know that the hair sprouting out of our heads are dead skin cells? Pretty neat!

Nevertheless, we peculiar humans still care very much about these dead cells. We all have our worst (and best!) hair moments/issues and I’m going to share mine. Hopefully by the end of this post you won’t think I’m some weird ape with patches of bald spots.

  1. I hate my baby hair.
    Mine has always been more noticeable than most. It’s this fluffy, short, awkward patch of fur on my forehead that likes to stick up occasionally. It never listens. I always knew I needed more discipline.
  2. Trying to wash it is a disaster.
    Sometimes washing my hair makes me think I am dirtying my hair instead of cleaning it.
  3. Drying it.
    Oh my goodness. After the wash? It’s puffier than Cinderella’s ball gown.
  4. It hates being even.
    All I really ever desired was straight and even hair. I just got a trim less than a month ago and now it’s so uneven you would think I need a haircut.
  5. But occasionally…
    On a good day…maybe once now and then…it’s soft and just on the verge of being silky. On those days, I am a happy gorilla.

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